Films to the Fullest 


“The World’s Most Immersive Film Experience.” For it’s 50th anniversary, IMAX launched it’s biggest global brand campaign ever in 77 countries and 39 languages. The campaign’s aim was to cut through the clutter and remind audiences that the cinema format is the most premium means to see a movie. We wanted to show how IMAX stands apart as a cinema experience with the biggest screens, the clearest images and heart-pounding audio, as well as 26% more picture for those films formatted in IMAX or shot with IMAX cameras.

w/ Alejandra Vidal (CW), Senior AD; Stephen Lum, Senior CW; Liz Cartwright, Director of Design; Mark Sloan, CD; Jason Karley, CCO; Renato Fernandez, Designer; Robbie Reynolds, Management Supervisor; Teddy Notari, Senior Strategist; Corianda Dimes, Executive Producer; Hashi Clark,